The Nasties - Mark Hurst

The Nasties

By Mark Hurst

  • Release Date: 2017-09-08
  • Genre: Fantasy


Every family has it secrets. Even the most ordinary tucks things away, out of sight. Things you don't want to talk about. Sometimes dangerous things.

Charlie is ten years old. He lives with his mum in an ordinary house, in an ordinary town. He goes to school, he does his homework and watches his mum work harder and harder to keep their little world afloat. An everyday life, outwardly no different to any other. But in every family there are secrets.

Charlie's dad went missing three years ago. No one knows where he has gone. The police couldn't find him. His mum won't talk about him.

His dad had told him troubling things about his families past, stuff that did not make sense, that was incredible and frightening.

And now there are strange things happening in the town where he lives. Children are going missing. Taken from houses and parks, from the woods and playing fields.

Charlie knows the disappearances are linked to his dad and the stories he used to tell him.

Charlie can see things that other people can't.

Strange things that come from dark places. Strange things with an insatiable hunger.

The Nasties are coming.

And only Charlie can stop them.

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