Deceased and Desist (Book 5) - Liliana Hart & Scott Silverii

Deceased and Desist (Book 5)

By Liliana Hart & Scott Silverii

  • Release Date: 2018-03-20
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


Book 5 - Deceased and Desist
A Harley and Davidson Mystery

Texas summers are hot. Really hot. Agatha Harley and Hank Davidson have been through one heck of a year. She’s hot off the heels of a successful book tour, and Hank’s been offered a high-profile crime consulting position back East.

Things have changed, but despite all their success, something isn't quite right. When Hank and Agatha decide to head to Montana in search of cooler weather, less adventure, and a little R&R, things really start to heat up.

A killer Hank once put away has escaped and is hiding in Glacier National Park. It turns out a killer on the loose is a real wet blanket for their romantic camping trip. Agatha and Hank aren’t sure what they’ve gotten themselves into, but they’ve been through enough to know they’re better together.

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About The Authors: 
The dynamic husband and wife writing duo of Liliana Hart and Scott Silverii combine their love of adventure and storytelling into the Harley and Davidson Mystery Series. While they've discussed a team writing effort for years, when it came time to actually develop their characters, both admit to being stumped. Why not write us they laughed. Liliana, a 24-time NY Times and USA Today bestseller and author of over 52 titles,enjoys this labor of love with her husband. Scott, a former Chief of Police and law enforcement professional has over 25 years of banging down doors and busting bad guys. An author of 10 titles, he says this by far is his favorite mission. Together, they have created a lovable tandem of adventure seeking, mystery-solving heroes that you'll get to know and love. You might even catch a glimpse of Liliana and Scott in each story. Well, probably much more than a glimpse.

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