When Your Dog Is Like Family - Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Lynn Lott & Therry Jay

When Your Dog Is Like Family

By Jane Nelsen, Ed.D., Lynn Lott & Therry Jay

  • Release Date: 2010-12-22
  • Genre: Parenting


Dog owners learn how to apply successful child-rearing methods to parenting their pups—and turn their dogs into loving and responsible members of the family
For most dog owners, a dog isn’t just a pet but a beloved family member. That’s why two internationally known parenting experts have teamed up with an acclaimed animal behaviorist to produce Pup Parenting.

This one-of-a-kind guide—which takes effective child-rearing methods and modifies them to work with the canine set—represents an exciting breakthrough in dog discipline. Pup Parenting:
• helps people choose a breed that fits their family
• provides a simple test to assess a pup’s personality
• presents an easy 5-step plan to bring straying behavior problems smartly to heel
With a firm, positive approach that rejects both the alpha discipline method and the overindulgent reward-based system, Pup Parenting is a companion readers can refer to throughout all doggie life stages.

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