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  • Great series!

    By Pirate Hunter arhhhh
    One of my favorite series of all time! Great epic fantastic world.
  • Entertaining but some voices are way off

    By cs541
    Compared to the show at least. So many cockney accents, even for one of Khal Drogo’s blood riders. And Drogo himself sounds like a drunken Cookie Monster. But I’d still buy it again.
  • Book is always better than the show

    By Redrio26
    Or so the saying goes and this instance is no exception! Everything is more detailed and vivid than in the show. I recommend fans read the books to get the whole experience. Martin is a great author and storyteller.
  • Excellent!

    By HDulcimerchick
    Better than the awesome TV series! Told from the main players' point of view, and so well done!
  • The PW review here is for the wrong book

    By Pgny
    Readers should be aware that the review from Publishers Weekly included under Details here is for a totally different book (apparently Hannibal by Thomas Harris). Apple should be paying more attention to the listing for one of the bestselling series in America.
  • He ago

    By R.m 10
    Tape is pumvoshi
  • Epic

    By Marko Da Vinci
    Good read
  • Amazing book

    By Cool guy818
    I watched the series on HBO and was wondering if I should read the book, I thought to my self what's the point to already know what's going to happen but that doesn't matter you learn so much more from the books the show can't cover everything a lot of things are missing if you watched the show read the books !
  • Just the Beginning.

    By NCJFro
    If you just read A Game of Thrones for the first time and want to see what all the hype is about, get ready for the ride of your life. Everything else is just child's play.Prepare to be hooked instantly. If you don't already have HBO you will be a subscriber by the time you finish the first book. Get ready because WINTER IS HERE. THE GREAT WAR HAS BEGUN. 🐲🗡🐉⚔️
  • Not my choice for entertaining reading

    By hlarchitect
    It took me many years to learn that I don't have to finish every book I begin. This is one I will not finish. There are far too many books I still want to read. I am unwilling to commit time to slog through nearly 900 pages of tedium. Game of Thrones may be winning awards as a TV series but as a novel I find it to be disconnected and without a narrative flow. The structure created by the resulting vignettes work for movies/TV but they don't make a compelling story. As entertaining reading (the reason I purchased this book) it is grindingly dull. The best I can say is it's easy to pick up and put down. Neither does the Gaelic cultural overlay work for this reader. It seems forced and stilted at the same time. I have never liked books placed in this setting - it is a difficult task to pull off convincingly. The result here is a thin veneer of the medieval without a sense of historical reality. Middle Earth and Hogwarts both feel more authentic. Save yourself the money and the time. There are plenty of other books to choose from. If you just have to join in with the Game of Thrones phenomena then go to HBO and watch it on TV.