Vampire Vendetta - Andrew Robinson

Vampire Vendetta

By Andrew Robinson

  • Release Date: 2013-02-12
  • Genre: Action & Adventure


Rosemary is a typical teen - rebellious. She commits the ultimate rebellion, she goes behind her parents back to be "turned" - she becomes a vamp, a member of the new underclass. Her parents ship her off to a special boarding school that claims it can cure such kids - make them "norm" again. But, the school hides a more sinister purpose, and when Rosemary is kidnapped by a team from the Anti-Vamp league, the school must find her and also keep their secret. It falls to Rosemary's "turner" - the man who made her a vamp - and her friends to find the truth. As they race to find her, Rosemary takes matters into her own hands - she plots the means of her escape. It remains to be seen if she can do it - her prison is a lonely island!

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