Lexa and the Smugglers of Cyclo - Andrew Robinson

Lexa and the Smugglers of Cyclo

By Andrew Robinson

  • Release Date: 2013-02-22
  • Genre: Sci-Fi


Book Two in the Lexa Series. Lexa and Kel travel on a cruise ship as crew, and soon learn that smugglers and criminals are on board. As they struggle to stay alive and solve the mystery of who the smugglers are, and what they're up to, further developments take place back at Terra. General Sargon and President Sulac, bitter enemies, have arrived, and both begin to search for Lexa. Each knows that she holds the fate of the galaxy in the palm of her hand, and both will do anything to find her. Soon the general has enlisted the help of Iva, the cyborg who has sworn revenge against Lexa, and the president has convinced Dril, Lexa's adoptive father, to join him on his quest to find her.

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